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We are highly experienced in design, develope and manufacturing of lighting products. With over 10 years of experiences in the lighting industry, we are capable to deliver quality services and products at reasonable costs to our customers. Victronics

Victronics is a well-diversified lighting company that has been operated over years. Under its umbellar lighting group, Victronics can not only design, develop and manufacture its own lighting products to meet market demands, but also, we can access to our sister companies' resources to offer better services to our customers.
Product Range

Victronics currently have five major product ranges, including:
1. Commercial Indoor Lighting Range
2. Furniture and cabinet lighting Range
3. COB strip lighting Range
4. Constant Voltage Power Supply Units Range
5. Battery Operated Lighting Range

We have our core lighting products to cover these 5 product ranges. Products have been fully tested to meet the latest regulations. All of our products that has been supplied to worldwide market through our customers distribution network.

Now, Victronics are developing its new range for signage and deco lights. This will enrich our product range again and allows our customers to access new market segments.

Quality Control

All Victronics produced products are 100% tested and checked under our internal 6D Testing System that includes Surface finishing, Dimensions, Electrical, Electronical, Performance (per the product designed performance) and packaging. Any product tested and checked under the specified data, the products would be not granted a QC pass.

We respect the importance of the quality control. This is the major factor of long term business relationship within the full supply chain for our customers.

After-Sale Services

We help our customers to deal with issues on products and services to their customers. In same cases, we could carry out design, planning and more for our customers in actual installation and applications. At Victronics, we believes only we can provide supreme services to our customers so that our customers can concentrate on their core business winning the sales in the local market.


We honour our warranty and guarantees to our customers at all the time per our agreed terms. From our records, we honoured the highest warranty claim over $43,000 in early 2021. As long as we found out these are our product defects, we will follow our agreed terms to provide hassle free warranty claim process. Dealing with us, you are with safe business partners.

Make your inquiries now with our lovely and proactive account manager, we are expecting you are on board with Victronics Lighting Party at soonest.